Below is a list of my compositions currently available for performance. Please contact me to obtain a copy of these scores.

Where You Find It

Mystic (4:50)
In A Clearing (2:27)
Epilogue (2:02)

For solo guitar in open tuning- D, G, D, G, B, D. Spiraling 5/8 meter drives the outer movements while the central movement is a fast 4/4 with a joyous folk quality.

My Complaints (4:00)

For voice and guitar. Dowland's love song transforms into a rockin' blues tune.

Coats (3:00)

For voice and guitar. A song in Travis style picking about a man who wears multiple layers of coats.

For Seamus - mp3 excerpt

For solo guitar. Composed in 1997 and revised in 2008. A single movement work with driving syncopated rhythms and a rustic character.

Six Poems For the Angels - mp3 excerpt

First Visitation (3:39)
Rebellion of the Angels (3:40)
Gabriel Considers His Horn (4:24)
Lucifer Bedazzled (2:00)
Michael After the Fall (2:00)
Lucifer Surprised by Age (1:00)

For solo guitar, composed from 1995-2000. Approx. 17.3 minutes in duration. Movements may be performed separately or in various order though the composer always performs it as a whole. Available through Berben editions.

Winter Scenes - mp3 excerpt

The Freeze
The Ice Fisherman
Little Girl Skating
The Slope

Composed in 1995 for solo guitar. 8:40 dur. Descriptive works. The first four movements use a loose twelve tone technique which is abandoned in the virtuosic slippery finale "The Slope". Winter Scenes is published by Mel Bay in a volume of contemporary works for solo guitar (The Contemporary Guitar: An Anthology of New Music; Stanley Yates, Ed.).

For Suzanne (3:06) - mp3 excerpt
Described as "Lush and Lyrical" by Classical Guitar, UK. this tonal work was composed for solo guitar in 1996.